Creating a REST API Framework with Dart and PostgreSQL

Animated vector illustration of software design block diagram


This article expands on Part I and Part II of this series (covering schema, security, and type definitions) with the creation of a REST API framework that will facilitate development of REST endpoints.

The framework is designed to reduce boilerplate code, allow for ease of maintenance and feature development, and…

How to build a beat machine with sequencer in Dart / Flutter


Flutter has been rising in popularity since the initial release of 1.0 back in late 2018. As companies and entrepreneurs struggle to keep development costs low, the search continues for better and more efficient ways to build mobile apps and cross-platform software in general. …

How to implement infinite scrolling in HTML & TypeScript


In this article, we will examine the process of implementing an infinitely scrolling list using HTML and TypeScript. Infinite scrolling is useful for content-driven websites and apps and is generally more appealing than classic pagination methods.

For the source code for the example project, see this repo.

To compile TypeScript…

Powerful Truths to Remember for New Beginnings

A Blank Canvas

With every new year comes a new opportunity for positive change. What held us back can be tossed aside to make room for a better future.

The universe runs on clock cycles much in the same way that digital electronics also run on clock cycles in which timing is everything…

Exploring the Possibilities of Computing with Photons


Most of us are aware that the computers we use in everyday life operate using electrons and conductors / semiconductors. Optical computers differ in that they utilize photons of light through fiber optics, holographic components, beam splitters, and optical transistors and logic gates. …

Implement a simple web app with TS, Nest, and PostgreSQL


In this article, we will examine the process for building a very simple web application using TypeScript, NestJS, and PostgreSQL. This clean and effective stack is both lightweight and powerful, and allows for rapid prototyping of fast and durable web applications.

For a copy of the source code for this…

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